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15 Smart Playbooks to Improve Data Adoption

So, you want to improve data adoption?

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Our technology partner, Narrative Science recently put together a book comprised of insights from top analytics leaders on how they solve the data adoption problem.

I have the privilege of being the featured analytics leader in chapter 11 where I break down the three most important steps for Telling A Compelling Data Story.

Knowing how to tell a data story is critical to ensure people will take action on your findings. Why a story? Our brains are wired to be drawn in and connect to stories.

However, there are a couple of challenges when it comes to creating these stories:

1 - How do you know what is most important?

2 - How do you design the right stories?

3 - How do you deliver the insights?

I recommend these 3 steps to transform confusing data into stories that create clarity and inspire action.

The Blueprint: Find the right data stories 

Ask yourself the following questions before even beginning the story. What questions will be answered by my story? What actions will be taken as a result of my story? What results are expected by the reader?

The Canvas: Design the right data stories

First, you need a purposeful layout to your story. You should follow the intuitive path and ask yourself where do the eyes lead naturally. Then there should be intuitive visuals. Aim to create quick cognitive insights with your visuals. Utilize color to draw attention to what is important. Never underestimate the power of concise and clear text to propel a story, this is pivotal to getting the insights across. Optimize for the stories for sharing. Do they need it on mobile? Do they want to email it? 

The Story: Deliver the insights 

The first 30 seconds of your story matter the most. Studies show we gain or lose the audience in the first 30 seconds, you must do something to grab their attention! Once you have their attention, you have to be able to keep it. Bring emotion and passion, show the group why you are interested in this data story, your passion will spread into the room. Finally, practice! Presenting and delivering compelling data stories is hard, practice will alleviate those nerves and result in a better delivery.

Following this three-step process will aid anyone in becoming a better data storyteller.

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