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Your data is only valuable if it helps people make important decisions and take action

But here is the problem . . .

Finding the most important stories is HARD

Designing intuitive visualizations is an ART

Telling effective data stories is ESSENTIAL

Data Story Academy ™ has everything you need to develop yourself and your team all in one place. And for a fraction of the cost of other business courses.

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The Data Story Academy ™ foundational courses will solve your most pressing problems


5 step process to find the most impactful stories in your data


7 essential principles to design intuitive data stories


7 data storytelling techniques to captivate your audience

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Telling compelling data stories is one of the most overlooked capabilities in business.

THE BLUEPRINT - Learn a 5 step process to find the most important stories in your data and validate these are the stories your audience wants to hear.

THE CANVAS - Learn 7 design principles that will allow you to lean into your creativity and design effective data stories that resonate with your audience.

THE STORY - Learn 7 data storytelling techniques to increase your confidence in public speaking, draw your audience in and leave them wanting more.

What are people saying about the courses?

Elissa Fink | 11-year CMO of Tableau Software | Professor, CMO Advisor, Board Member

"The Data Story Academy courses are a must for any student or business professional who uses data to make decisions and inspire action!  My students are required to take the courses and apply the frameworks to prepare them for success in their careers."

Vinay Patel  |  Cloud Engineering Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

“As the data footprint continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to not only focus on insights, but rather focus on ensuring your insights drive action, through the experience you provide in telling meaningful, purposeful insights enriched stories, which is an expectation of stakeholders in the digital / post-digital age. Zack simplifies this, providing key principles and guidelines to deliver on the value of data driven story telling.”

Deb Hawkins | Senior Analyst, ECommerce Data & Analytics

Hi Zack, I just watched your recordings and have to say they were fantastic . . . because how often do you actually find courses worth watching?! It's very rare. The title of the email I sent to my boss and co-workers was “It’s like finding a unicorn!” Thank you for the valuable insights!

What's inside the courses?

3 Foundational Courses

22 Videos Lessons

60 Page Workbook

50 Keys For Success

1 Visualization Guide

3 Course Worksheets

40 Question Assessment

Certificate Of Completion

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The 20 Data Storytelling Keys for Success is your guide to understanding and developing data storytelling skills of your own.  These keys are often what separates a clear message or data story from a confusing one.

Unlock your creativity and storytelling skills

Data visualization expert Zack Mazzoncini is the founder of Data Story Academy ™, Co-Founder of Seattle-based data and analytics firm Decisive Data (acquired Feb. 2021) and Co-Creator of the Art + Data initiative. Over the years Zack has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals develop data-driven cultures centered around data storytelling. Zack's personal mission statement is: "Change people's lives for the better by being the best version of myself".

Zack graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in communications, rhetoric and public speaking. He is considered one of the most entertaining and informative speakers in the analytics industry. His audiences are inspired to find the most important stories in their data and lean into their creativity.

How much are confusing data stories costing you?

Ready to increase your earning potential as a data storytelling expert? Take the Data Story Academy ™ online courses, apply the frameworks, and watch your career advance as you become a leader in your organization.

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3 Foundational Courses

22 Video Lessons

60 Page Workbook

3 Course Worksheets

50 Keys for Success

1 Visualization Guide

40 Assessment Questions

1 Certificate of Completion

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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3 Foundational Courses

22 Video Lessons

60 Page Workbook

3 Course Worksheets

50 Keys for Success

1 Visualization Guide

40 Assessment Questions

1 Certificate of Completion

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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