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Self-paced courses giving you the tools you need to communicate clearly with data and grow your career.


5 step process to find the most impactful stories in your data


7 essential principles to design intuitive data stories


7 data storytelling techniques to captivate your audience


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If your data stories are confusing, nobody will listen.

Are you asking these questions?

How do I find the most important stories in my data?

Why don't people understand the visuals I create?

How do I present my data story so people will listen?

Answer these questions and more with the Data Story Academy ™ online courses.

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Telling compelling data stories is one of the most overlooked capabilities in business.

THE BLUEPRINT - Learn a 5 step process to find the most important stories in your data and validate these are the stories your audience wants to hear.

THE CANVAS - Learn 7 design principles that will allow you to lean into your creativity and design effective data stories that resonate with your audience.

THE STORY - Learn 7 data storytelling techniques to increase your confidence in public speaking, draw your audience in and leave them wanting more.

What are people saying?

" I am not exaggerating, my audience was on the edge of their seats and clapped at the end. They were so wowed by the revenue dashboard. Thank you Zack! "

VP of Analytics

" That was hands down the best course I've seen in years! I love your approach and want to find more ways for my team to collaborate with you. "

Enterprise Executive

" Zack is a role model in many ways but one thing trumps them all, He is deeply sincere and cares more about people than how the outcome will benefit him or his company. "

Business Leader

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What's inside the courses?

22 Video Lessons

In these courses, data visualization and storytelling expert Zack Mazzoncini teaches you how take any data set and transform it into a compelling, visual narrative that captivates your audience.

100% Exclusive Content

Enroll today to get access to exclusive materials including a 60 page workbook, course worksheets and our visualization placemat. Learn at your own pace on mobile or desktop.

50 Keys for Success

Unlock your creativity and confidence as a data visualization expert and storyteller with over 50 keys for success. Watch your career grow as you make a greater impact with data.

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The 20 Data Storytelling Keys for Success is your guide to understanding and developing data storytelling skills of your own.  These keys are often what separates a clear message or data story from a confusing one.

Unlock your creativity and storytelling skills

Data visualization expert Zack Mazzoncini is the founder of Data Story Academy ™, Co-Founder of Seattle-based data and analytics firm Decisive Data and Co-Creator of the Art + Data initiative. Over the years Zack has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals develop data-driven cultures centered around data storytelling. Zack's personal mission statement is: "Change people's lives for the better by being the best version of myself".

Zack graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in communications, rhetoric and public speaking. He is considered one of the most entertaining and informative speakers in the analytics industry. His audiences are inspired to find the most important stories in their data and lean into their creativity.

How much are confusing data stories costing you?

Ready to increase your earning potential as a data storytelling expert? Take the Data Story Academy ™ online courses, apply the frameworks, and watch your career advance as you become a leader in your organization.

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3 Foundational Courses

22 Video Lessons

60 Page Workbook

3 Course Worksheets

50 Keys for Success

1 Visualization Guide

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