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Data Story Academy ™ empowers students to unlock their potential with our online data visualization curriculum. We offer special pricing for education, from individual students to entire institutions.

"The Data Story Academy courses are a must for any student or business professional who uses data to make decisions and inspire action!  My students are required to take the courses and apply the frameworks to prepare them for success in their careers."

Elissa Fink | 11-year CMO of Tableau Software | University of Washington Professor | CMO Advisor

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What are Students & Instructors saying?

Jinghui Zhang | MSBA Student & Senior Engineer at Microsoft

“Hi Zack, thank you for the great curriculum - it's one of the best courses I’ve had this year. I really enjoyed the frameworks and was so impressed at how useful the content is as well as how easy to adopt - you did such a great job delivering the concepts. I talked to several classmates and they expressed similar feedback.  I feel grateful of having the chance to take it.”

Ruoxi Liu | MS in Business Analytics, Marketer + Storyteller

Hi Zack, this is Ruoxi from the MSBA program. Thanks again for sharing the platform with us. Super helpful! One of the best courses I’ve had. Hope to learn more from you in the future.”

Langley Payton | Master's in Engineering, High School Geometry Teacher

"Data Story Academy has been paramount in giving me the tools I need to develop visualization and presentation techniques. Zack is a great coach who offers valuable insights into these skills. I am eager to take these insights from his own experience and use them to develop professionally into my own data visualization career."


The 20 Data Storytelling Keys for Success is your guide to understanding and developing data storytelling skills of your own.  These keys are often what separates a clear message or data story from a confusing one.



Zack Mazzoncini is the founder of Data Story Academy ™ and a Co-Founder of Seattle-based data and analytics firm Decisive Data.  Over the years Zack has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals develop data-driven cultures centered around data storytelling.  Zack is the coach and author of our data visualization curriculum and online courses.


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