3 steps to deliver data stories that inspire leaders to act.

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Executive Data Storytelling is being offered as a free course for a limited time in partnership with Tableau Software.

Why is Executive Data Storytelling such an important skill to master?

A recent study by The Economist Group revealed these key insights about Executives:

90% agree

”Gaining knowledge and becoming better informed is a priority to me.”

93% agree

”I am open to new ideas and experiences.”

Executives are open to new ways of seeing and understanding data.

The Economist Group | Source: Ipsos Affluent USA Fall 2019; C-suite at companies with 1,000+ employees

But there is a problem . . . 

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We don’t have


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We don’t know


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We don’t deliver



3 steps to deliver data stories that inspire leaders to act.

This 30 minute mini-course will equip you with new frameworks for communicating clearly with your Executives as well as provide you with tools and techniques you can immediately use to tell more effective Tableau data stories.

  1. Know Your Executives
  2. Understand Executive Priorities
  3. Deliver Data Stories
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NOTE:  Executive Data Storytelling is being offered as a free course for a limited time in partnership with Tableau Software.

What's next? Three more ways to become a Data Storytelling Expert.

Follow these three steps to develop important skills companies are looking for and land your next dream job. 

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1) Learn Data Storytelling

Transform confusing data into stories that create clarity & inspire action. Get instant access to the Data Story Academy on-demand business courses.  Develop critical skills by learning how to find, design and present the most important stories in your data.

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2) Learn Tableau Software

Tableau eLearning is web-based training you can consume at your own pace. Courses are interactive and designed to help you learn Tableau, regardless of skill level. Download Tableau Desktop & Tableau Online before you jump into eLearning.

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3) Build Your Portfolio

Land your next dream job by differentiating yourself with your own Tableau Public Portfolio. Visualize and publish data on topics you care about. Explore and be inspired by creations from like-minded data enthusiasts. 

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What are people saying about Data Story Academy?

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Elissa Fink | 11-year CMO of Tableau Software | Professor, CMO Advisor, Board Member

"The Data Story Academy courses are a must for any student or business professional who uses data to make decisions and inspire action!  My students are required to take the courses and apply the frameworks to prepare them for success in their careers."

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Vinay Patel  |  Cloud Engineering Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting

“As the data footprint continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to not only focus on insights, but rather focus on ensuring your insights drive action, through the experience you provide in telling meaningful, purposeful insights enriched stories, which is an expectation of stakeholders in the digital / post-digital age. Zack simplifies this, providing key principles and guidelines to deliver on the value of data driven story telling.”

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Anna Dzikowska, PhD | Health Systems Researcher, NLP Quid Analysis

“I had a chance to purchase the DSA courses. That was a really great decision and experience! Zack provided very informed & inspiring content packed in three very well-organized courses. For sure I will be using the ideas in practice daily.  Excellent structure, content and teacher. Thank you!”

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The 20 Data Storytelling Keys for Success is your guide to understanding and developing data storytelling skills of your own.  These keys are often what separates a clear message or data story from a confusing one.